Website is nearly done ;)

My site will be up soon. I just need some updating and sorting to do with my sample work and my portfolio site will be published. I hope I can finish this before my birthday. 😉


Building Portfolio site

Hello everyone!

Gosh its been months since my last post! I been busy building other brands, creating graphics for everyone and forgot to update my blog. I even planned to build my own portfolio site.

Here I am posting another update. I manage to create my portfolio site’s home/landing page. Struggling my way to implement the style I like and working on ass of css that it took me 7 hours for that page. Wow, 7 hours just for that page. I really need to practice my skills creating html/css pages, I often forgot codes that are important. But after that long day of work, my landing page is now working! I just need to update my social site before I can publish it here. I will update you guys soon!